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Simple yoga ahead of International Yoga Day

Simple yoga ahead of International Yoga Day: Yoga is the union of individual soul to Universal consciousness in search of peace and energy. Yoga is around 5000-year-old art, oriented in India. Yoga always famous among Indian people but from a few years back its gain attention worldwide. Most people around world preferred yoga over the gym. Yoga did not belong to any nation or any religion it just about the worship of body. 21st June is decided for International Yoga Day and first, ever International Yoga Day celebrate on 21st June 2015. Ahead of that day here some simple yoga moves that you can try at home:

1. Tadasana [The Mountain Pose]:

Its just like to standing around, heels root down, engaged muscles of the leg, Starch your body upward and keep it straight like in the video below. Don’t lose breath.

It will strengthen the abdomen and the legs,
It may help to get rid of sciatica,
It will improve the strength of deeper foot muscles and much more.

2. Paschimottanasana [Seated Forward Bend]:

Breathe out and fold over your legs into a forward bend. If the constraints feel a little tight at first, bend the knees so that you can release your back. Let the head hang heavy. Slowly straighten the legs if you like but keep the head floppy. The feet can be touching or hip’s distance apart.

It increases efficiency of intestines, the gallbladder is smoothly pressed and stimulates well.
It strengthening spinal cord.
It prevents diabetes.
It increases the fertility factor of a male.
It will be helpful in Stomach pain; a headache, piles, hip pain, back pain and body weakness.
It strengthening the bones and inner reproductive organs and hence it will be helpful to give birth from normal delivery for women.

3. Urdhva Hastasana [Raised Arms Pose]: 

Grounded in the heels and keeping your shoulders moving away from your ears at the same time that you reach up through your fingertips. Your gaze can come up to the hands, which can be shoulder’s width apart or palms touching.

Helpful to create space between vertebrae
It stretching and flexing spine

Position is very important in Yoga, if you position is incorrect you will not get benefits of that. Try out these simple yoga and enjoy the movement. Hey Guys! I hope you have enjoyed the post and get something new, if you have any suggestion please share with us in comment box below and don’t forget to like us on Facebook for more updates.


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