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Rajinikanth on being a Tamilian and joining politics

Rajinikanth on being a Tamilian and joining politics: Thalaivar meet his thousands of fans flocked in Raghavendra Hall in Chennai on 15th May. After clicking pics he addressed his fans about some recent issues that involved him. He clarified everyone that he wasn’t supporting any party and also confessed that many leaders were misusing his name to gain votes.

He said “I did a mistake by supporting a political alliance 21 years ago. It was a political accident. Since then politicians have been misusing my name on several occasions. But I have to clarify, I am not joining any party. They have associated my name with politics. And some parties also drag my name with money also. Some parties have even claimed I have supported, just for votes. That’s why I have clarified that I don’t support anyone and that nobody has my backing. God decides what I have to do in life. Right now he wants me to be an actor and I’am fulfilling my responsibility. If god willing, I will enter politics tomorrow. If I enter politics, I will be very truthful and will not entertain people who are in this to make money. I won’t work with such people.”

“I am 66 years old now. For 23 years now, I was in Karnataka.  For the rest of my life, I have lived in Chennai with you as one of you. I might have come here from Karnataka as a Marathi or a Kannadiga but here you have nurtured me and have given me fame and prosperity and made me a Tamilian. Hence I am true Tamilian. I have already told you that my father and other ancestors were born in Kanchipuram. If you are asking me to go out and throw me out. I will probably go fall in the Himalaya and now here else. There are enough political parties. But the system is bad. The democracy is spoilt. People’s approach towards politics and democracy has changed. The system has to be changed. We have to change the thoughts of the people, only then will the country will develop.” Thalaivar told his fans.


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