Haunted Lohaghat Uttarakhand: Where the day of death was determined by the doctor

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Haunted Lohaghat, Uttarakhand– One of the most haunted places in India:

Haunted Lohaghat Uttarakhand: Lohaghat is a town in the Chapawat district, Uttrakhand India. One of the famous hill stations among tourist for its natural beauty and grandeur. This place is haunted and famous for its ghost stories among locals and visitors. There is a bungalow known as ‘The Abbey’ located on top of Abbot hill. It is believed that, this the bungalow is haunted. People believed there is some unusual, unnatural power. So most of the people, specially local people not dare to pass near from this haunted bungalow in night. This is one of the most haunted and mysterious place in India. After knowing all these fact about this place, the first thing that comes to our mind is: Why this place is haunted? What had happened there, that made this place one of the most haunted places in India?

Haunted Lohaghat, Uttarakhand: Where the day of death was determined by the doctor

Haunted Lohaghat Uttarakhand

Haunted Lohaghat Uttarakhand

The bungalow ‘Abbey’ was named after the owner of the house, it was built in earlier 1900s. After spending a lot of years here with his family, the owner of the bungalow had donated this house to made the hospital. Since that was a charitable hospital with good medical facility and a clean environment, over few years the hospital gain popularity in local and nearby areas. Then after few years a doctor had joined the hospital. The doctor was famous for some supernatural powers. It is said that the doctor had the power to see future and he used them to predicts the date of death of the patient who admitted to the hospital. After his prediction the patients were send to a room famously known as ‘Mukti Kothri’ (Room of Freedom), where patients died on predicted date and time. But most of the people believed that the doctor had no powers and he was a cold murderer and to prove himself right he killed all his patients. So the ghost of all the people who died by the hand of doctor are still reside there in the bungalow.

There are some other stories famous among the locals, one of them is ‘Bhoot ki Daang’. People who lived near Lohaghat have seen two mysterious people seen walking on road, holding hands near the haunted bungalow, they called them ‘Bhoot ki Daang’. If you are interested to know about story behind ‘Bhoot ki Daang’ or other stories related to this place, then please leave a comment below and if you have any other suggestion or query please share with us in comment box below. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter for more entertainment.


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