Lambi Dehar Mines, Uttrakhand- THE MINE OF DEATH

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Lambi Dehar Mine, Uttrakhand- One of Most Haunted Places in India:

Mussoorie is a one of most beautiful hill station of India. It comes under the Dehradun District, Garhwal Region, Uttarakhand, India. Being a beautiful hill station, Mussoorie attract thousands people per year. Next to Mussoorie, in a valley there is Lambi Dehar Mines. Most in thousands of people who visited Mussoorie per year, not preferred to visit Lambi Dehar Mines due to its famous haunted stories. Most of the local people, especially who is living near Lambi Dehar Mines suggests to keep distance from Lambi Dehar Mines as Mines said to be haunted and it is said that now the Lambi Dehar mine became home of witch and ghost. What had happened here which made this Lambi Dehar Mines one of most haunted place in India?

Lambi Dehar Mines1

Lambi Dehar Mines1

Actually areas near the Lambi Dehar Mine, Uttrakhand mostly known for mine in past. Although people lives near have different-different thought regarding starting of mines in that area but official near valley shows that mining work was started in 1970 but due to certain reason of land and health hazard these mines where closed. Lambi Dehar Mines, Uttrakhand in past known as one of the largest limestone mine. On the order of Honourable Supreme Court of India, Lambi Dehar Mine was closed in 1996. There are different haunted story regarding mines are famous among the people living near valley.

Some people says that few year ago there was 50,000 people worked in Lambi Dehar Mine and most of them died a hurting death due to lungs diseases caused by inappropriate mining processor. After that the Lambi Dehar Mine was closed by court. Meanwhile the tourist came there to visit, feels some unusual things happening near Lambi Dehar Mine like strange sounds.

There are many other stories famous among people living near like Army Officer in British India and his wife, who killed him near Lambi Dehar Mine with the help of her lover and it is said that the ghost of Army Officer is still trap in Lambi Dehar Mine and every night he yelp and cry for help from Lambi Dehar Mine.

Other story is of a woman whose husband was worked in mine. Interestingly she was also unfaithful to his husband and had extra-material affair, although she had two children. One day when her husband came to know about her relationship with other person. After that she left valley and took shelter in Lambi Dehar Mine. Meanwhile her husband killed children and committed suicide. When she got information that her children were died she also committed suicide of shame. Now it is said that her soul also trapped in Lambi Dehar Mine and she is responsible for accident and unusual things happening near Lambi Dehar Mine, as she was angry, she claimed life of people who worked in Lambi Dehar Mine.

Mostly people in 21st century would not believe in Ghost but it is true that many accidents had happened near Lambi Dehar Mine and recently a helicopter crashed near Lambi Dehar Mine.

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7 Comments to Lambi Dehar Mines, Uttrakhand- THE MINE OF DEATH

  1. Shubham Verma

    There is something special in this place.. Can’t describe the the true feeling what I feel when I reached the main mines

  2. Survir Singh

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    is liye agr tumh me se kbhi koi wha jay to soch smjh kr jana or bina wine piy to sochna bi mat

    my contact no 7351521138

  3. I went there yesterday. But I didn’t go to the deserted house. I just went to the mountain road and yes I felt so strange and creepy to see the mountain in which trees are still planted in perfect lines. Oh God, the images of that creepy mountain keep coming back to my mind.

  4. Avinash sharma

    Hi all I am planning to go to this place,as I use to take so much interest to find some paranormal activities,
    Just to find the reality I have been so many places in odd timing like in night at 1 am,I have been to cemetery,bhangarh fort,shamshaan chat and many more places but nothing find.
    If any one interested kindly what’s app me on

  5. I am from doon me vaha Bht Baat gye hu but Maine to aisa Kuch Na dkha Na mehsus kiya actually vo place Bht acche hai ek shanti sa mahol hai vaha

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