6 – 5 = 2  Bollywood movie directed by Bharat Jain

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6 – 5 = 2  Bollywood movie

6 – 5 = 2 – Bollywood movie directed and produced by Bharat Jain under the banner of Mars Inc. is a remake of a Kannada horror movie named  6 – 5 = 2 which was inspired by the 1999 American independent film Blair Witch Project, released on November 29, 2013, written and directed by K S Ashoka. With the total budget of   30 Lakhs that Kannada movie under the direction of newcomer director K S Ashoka has box office income of  5 Crore.


6 – 5 = 2  Bollywood movie directed by Bharat Jain


Released on 14th November 2014

6 – 5 = 2 – Bollywood movie Star Cast:

Prashantt Guptha as Siddharth

Ashrut Jain as Bhanu Jayraj

Gaurav Paswalla as Raja

Gaurav Kothari as Harsh Lulla

Disha Kapoor as Suhana

Niharika Raizada as Priya


Highlighted Story of 6 – 5 = 2 Bollywood movie:

The 6 – 5 = 2 Bollywood movie all about six friends who plan to visit a forest. One of them was interested in shooting and had purchased a new camera and planned to shoot a documentary of their journey. They started their journey with an aim that they would complete their journey in a single day. But due to some reason they unable to implement that, so they set up a camp somewhere inside the dense forest. After that, their journey that they are assuming to complete in one day never ends and they come across some unusual and paranormal activities which make than scare and they realized that even normal things seem to be strange.


6 – 5 = 2 - Bollywood movie

6 – 5 = 2 – Bollywood movie


Running time of Kill Dil: 147 minutes

Genre:  Horror and Found Footage

Shooting Location:  Karnataka, India

Cinematography: Sathya Hegde

So dear friends watch out 6 – 5 = 2 and share your experience with me.


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